RIA Dream Team: Insider Endorsements for ANC

I think we can all agree that we know who’s running for President on November 6 but do you know who is running to represent you on the most local level that you can get? The Advisory Neighborhood Commission elections are also on the ballot on November 6. If you don’t know what an ANC is, click here before proceeding and take special note of the new ANC lines in Ward 5…you may not be in the same ANC next year as you are today.

So, now you know that your ANC Commissioner represents you on the most intimate details of your neighborhood and this ANC election is one that will impact you the most. Since these elections will allow us to select Commissioners within the newly drawn boundaries and several of these new ANC districts will be focused on the future of RIA NE, the Rhode Island Insider is proud to make the following endorsements. Each of these candidates have a firm commitment to a livable, walkable, and revitalized Rhode Island Ave NE and they represent a key section of RIA that needs strong and thoughtful leadership.


For ANC 5C01: The Insider endorses Antonette Russell.

Antonette Russell is a native Washingtonian who is dedicated to improving her neighborhood and being a committed public servant for the residents of the District of Columbia. Antonette is a former resident of Ward 6 where she served as an ANC Commissioner for the neighborhood that includes Barney Circle and Hill East (ANC 6B09). She began her community service as the Secretary of the Barney Circle Neighborhood Watch Association and then she became the President of the neighborhood group.

For more information, go to Antonette’s website here.


For ANC 5C02: The Insider endorses Karla Butler.

Karla Butler is a proud Ward 5 resident and homeowner in the Woodridge (Langdon) community.  Since purchasing her home in 2011, Karla has been extremely active in the community.  She believes everyone, new and old residents, carries the same vision for living in a vibrant area.  Not only has Karla attended meetings to voice concerns regarding issues in the Langdon community, she created a community newsletter, Hello! Neighbor, to inform residents on emerging and current events throughout Ward 5.

More information on Karla, go to her website here

For ANC 5C07: The Insider endorses Nolan Treadway.


Nolan Treadway is a lifelong Democrat who has lived within 3 blocks of Rhode Island Avenue since moving to DC to attend graduate school at American University. Since then, Nolan, and his wife, Joan, a PG County native and product of public schools, have become homeowners in the Woodridge neighborhood of Ward 5.

You can find more information about Nolan at his website here.



The candidates at their recent Meet and Greet at Lace on the Avenue

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