Woodridge Library Meeting on New Design

Last night, the Friends of the Woodridge Library held a meeting to review the draft model of the new Woodridge Library design and solicit feedback. Nolan Treadway, candidate for ANC, FoRIA Boardmember, and contributor to the Insider, was present and kept some good notes and pictures via his Twitter feed of the meeting… check out his notes here.

4 thoughts on “Woodridge Library Meeting on New Design

  1. I did not see Chucktown in the library mock-ups that include the park. Anybody know of their plans regarding this issue? Sorry I could not attend in person. No one in their right mind schedules a community meeting on the first day (even the evening) of school.

    1. Rick,

      What is Chucktown? If you are referring to the Chuck Brown Park, I agree with you. This is something Mayor Vincent Gray is crafting all by himself without any community input. As with the Library and Recreation Centers, the public should be allowed to comment. We have not been given this opportunity.

      I don’t even see the designs for the new Woodridge Library at their blog site: http://woodridgedclibrary.wordpress.com//. Why are only certain people being made aware of these plans? I really need to study the plans in order to make any comments and suggestions.

      1. Chucktown is the horseshoe pits just south of the library. I know some people don’t like what goes on there, or don’t like the people hanging out there everyday, but they have never bothered me or my kids, or my car.

  2. The subbranch also conducted several community outreach programs, including school visits aimed at encouraging teachers and pupils to use the library. Classes from nearby elementary schools also visited the Woodridge subbranch. Local educators were very appreciative of the services of the new library. One local principal voiced his appreciation, explaining, “We find reading makes a remarkable difference in a child’s vocabulary, as is shown by actual tests made in our schools before and after the Woodridge Subbranch was established.” The library also served as a center of community activity, hosting meetings of the Woodridge Book Club, Girl Scout Leaders training classes, and the Woodridge Music Club.

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