Come Hell or High Water (feels like both)

Outside of Boundary Stone in Bloomingdale

There are some serious issues to our aging infrastructure that needs to be addressed. I am glad to see that our Councilmember, Kenyan McDuffie, is trying to lead the charge. But he also needs to address the flooding that is occurring by the RIA Metro along the northeast part of the Avenue. Last night, rafts were deployed to rescue residents. Our infrastructure needs to evaluated and retrofitted before we can be serious about moving our community forward.

Over the last month, the power outages caused too many of our residents to be without air conditioning during hellish temperatures. This drew attention to the power grid in our City. Some people have since been calling for Pepco to bury their lines to prevent this in the future. And as you all recall with the recent rain storms, flooding has become a serious issue for many parts of RIA (take note that it isn’t just in Bloomingdale). The City’s combined sewer overflow (CSO) systems is antiquated and when these kind of floods happen, it causes raw sewage and storm water to mix and flood homes, cars, and our streets. There are some great things that other major cities that also have CSO systems are doing to prevent this type of flooding (like Philadelphia’s Green City program) recently.

There are a lot of ideas…DC needs to start coming up with their own or develop a new idea. I hope that McDuffie uses this opportunity to address the Ward’s aging infrastructure as a whole and not in just one section of it. If we continue to just address things one small piece at a time, our arms are going to get really tired playing the whack-a-mole game of fixing the issues here and then there. Putting a band-aid on the situation isn’t going to satisfy residents. Yelling at Pepco and telling them that they need to do better, isn’t going to make anyone happy.  We need solutions. Long term solutions. I am putting my faith in our new Councilmember…come hell or high water, I believe he can lead this charge.

How have you been affected?


Contact: Corey Griffin
Chief of Staff
(202) 724-8028

July 20, 2012

Councilmember McDuffie’s Office Coordinates All Hands On Deck Effort to Address Impending Flooding in Bloomingdale Community

July 20, 2012 –In an effort to address concerns of possible additional flooding in the Bloomingdale community, Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie has reached out to the Executive Office of the Mayor (EOM), DC Water, Department of Public Works (DPW), Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and District’s Department of Transportation (DDOT) to coordinate proactive efforts to mitigate flood damage to homes and businesses. The Councilmember has asked for an all hands on deck approach to provide relief for residents who have experienced three flash flooding events in recent weeks.

We appreciate DC Water’s response to our request for both short-term and long- term relief for affected residents and will be working closely with the agency to monitor their execution. DPW has also responded to our request for sandbags for residents in the affected area and will be distributing them in the community, between 1-9pm at 2nd and Bryant Street at the Bryant Street Pumping Station. Other resources will also be deployed to manage traffic, clean streets, clear storm drains and to assist with stalled and abandoned vehicles that impede traffic flow or prevent crews from performing clean-up related activities.

Motorists and pedestrians are advised to take every necessary precaution to ensure their safety. Please refrain from traveling through standing and running water in the event of a flash flooding event.

Staff members from Councilmember McDuffie’s office will be on site to provide any assistance necessary in advance and during the storm.

For further information, please call the Ward 5 Council point of contact at 202-368-5100.


One thought on “Come Hell or High Water (feels like both)

  1. Here is also DC Water’s specific response:

    7/20/12 — DC Water Addresses Sewer Back-ups in Bloomingdale, Flood-prone Neighborhoods

    Recent flooding events prompted DC Water officials to quickly convene and investigate both short-term and long-term solutions for residents of Bloomingdale and certain areas of the District prone to sewer back-ups and flooding.

    Today, DC Water releases a letter to customers, an action agenda and a webpage describing what DC Water is doing right now for short-term relief, what DC Water is exploring as interim measures and DC Water’s long-term multi-billion dollar engineering solution that will provide relief in the long run. The materials also outline steps that residents can take now to help prevent both sewer back-ups and overland flooding.

    The webpage with these materials can be found at

    For today’s impending rain, and continuing into the near future, the District Department of Public Works (DPW) will provide sandbags and several DC Water staff members will assist at the distribution point. Today’s distribution begins at 1 pm at the intersection of Second and Bryant Street, NW.

    “We have already begun implementing what I call our Bloomingdale Action Agenda,” commented DC Water General Manager George S. Hawkins. “This is a list of specific steps DC Water, residents and businesses, and other parts of the government are taking and can take to reduce the effects of runoff and flooding.”

    In addition, DC Water and Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie are in communication about coordinating a multi-entity examination of this problem. District and federal agencies with jurisdiction over streets and alleys, stormwater management, plumbing codes, insurance and flood plains, and residents, all have a part in this discussion.

    “I am pleased that DC Water is taking these steps to help our community in the short term,” said Councilmember McDuffie. “I will continue to work with General Manager Hawkins and the staffs of other agencies to resolve the problem in the long term, and my team is exploring any legislative or regulatory changes that might help.”

    DC Water will also attend a special meeting of the Bloomingdale Civic Association on Saturday, August 4 at St. George’s Episcopal Church, 160 U Street, NW in the basement.

    For customers experiencing an emergency, please call DC Water’s 24-hour Command Center at 202-612-3400. For all other inquiries, please contact or DC Water’s Bloomingdale hotline at 202-787-2688.

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    You can view this News Release at

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