Chuck Brown Park?

Is a part of Langdon Park being renamed in memory of Chuck Brown? Appears so.

Mayor Gray is to send legislation to rename a western portion of Langdon Park for the godfather of Go-Go. Mike DeBonis broke the news of the location on Twitter, and Mayor Gray’s office recently sent out a press release with the news:

Here is a map of where the park is located:

12 thoughts on “Chuck Brown Park?

  1. That is so inappropriate! Chuck Brown never came or performed at Langdon Park. Why not rename the library as the Chuck Brown Library while you’re at it! That would make the new design so much more exciting for the new library. Glass a-go-go!

    1. Gandhi never stepped foot at Q and 21st NW but there’s a statue of him out there. I do get your point, and wondered if there was a better location, but doesn’t that park have an area for performances? Like a small amphitheater-like area? That would make it relatively appropriate, being able to host performances there.

      1. The amphitheater is in the eastern (i.e., non-Chuck) half of the park. So it doesn’t even make a little bit of sense!

  2. Leave Langdon Park alone Name a park after Chuck Brown wherever he grew up in DC it was not in Woodrige
    Mayor Gray needs to do something that makes sense.

  3. As someone who used to frequently take their kids to the park to play, but who no longer does because its got trash, people sleeping in the pavillion, people peeing behind the ampitheatre, alcoholics hanging around the horseshoe pits littering empty liquor and beer bottles, people lurking on the hills, and all the trash washes into the enclosed playground when it rains, I’ll say that re-naming half of Langdon Park to Chuck Brown Park can only be a good thing.

    I hope the re-naming leads to it being better cared for and respected by the people who use and care for the park. Maybe folks will feel disrespected, and even angry, when someone litters in Chuck Brown Park. Chucks memory should not be covered in empty beer bottles.

  4. I contacted the Coucil office and they said nothing will change with the park itself, just the eastern half will be named Chuck Brown, I don’t think they should name a park where Mr. Brown lived instead of just picking a park just to do it,

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