Chipotle, Confirmed. **Updated

As we have suspected, a Chipotle restaurant will be opening up in Rhode Island Row. As you may remember, many, many people requested this restaurant by name on this blog. According to this Twitter post by Lydia DePillis, it is confirmed:

**Updated: We received the following from Rhode Island Row after our post:

You may have heard some buzz about Chipotle coming to Rhode Island Row via Twitter today… and though we can’t make any official announcements about retail deals until the ink is dry, we want you to know that we appreciate all your interest!

 We are excited that CVS opened on May 27th and that we’ve recently signed deals with convenience retailers including DMV, Sprint and T-Mobile that will bring good traffic our way, which in turn, will attract other great retailers to our neighborhood.

 We hope to announce more deals soon!  Once confirmations are made, we promise you’ll be the first to know!

12 thoughts on “Chipotle, Confirmed. **Updated

  1. oh thank god! something to actually look forward to. Although i can see it being a hangout for the area kids which might cause some problems.

    1. Mark,

      I go to the Chipotle at Tenleytow at the time, and it’s another kid hang out. But, it’s close to Z-Burger, which I love, which also attracts a lot of kids. I just hope the new Woddridge library will accomodate these teens and not just pander to the youngest kids. And, if five Guys comes to RIARow, it will also be another kid hang out.

    2. Mark, Please don’t paint the kids with such broad strokes. I’ve been to Chipotles around the city and the kids pay for their food just like everyone else. If anything, they’ll just be providing more business and will entice other shops and restaurants to the Row.

  2. Yes, this was confirmed a long time ago when Urban Atlantic gave a tour of the RIARow development at the May meeting of the Rhode Island Avenue Task Force. They said it would be located in the part of their retail space that faces the Home Depot. Either way, thanks for reconfirming. There are a lot of hungry people on Rhode Island Avenue. Also, the Farmer’s Market in the old Safeway near Forman’s MIll will open on June 16th. Lots more to look forward, too. Now, when will we have the outdoor movies at 4th & Rhode Island Avenue? I’m thinking of going to Screen on the Green on Monday nights in NoMa, or the ones in Crystal City.

    1. Last I heard a Save-A-Lot (discount food store) was coming to the old Safeway next to the Forman Mills…not a farmers market.

  3. People complaining about kids sound like bitter old people. “Hey kid, get off my grass!”.

    I don’t have a problem with kids as long as they’re not harrassing people or committing crimes, which most aren’t.

  4. This is fantastic news! Along with Carolina Kitchen, this will make RIR a local destination. All we need now is a coffeeshop/ other “third-place” and some retail outlets (like clothing, etc)…

  5. Excited about the Chipotle and also want that “third place” where I can at times grab a coffee and a bite or also grab a beef and check out my favorite sports teams on TV.

  6. The tweet was in correct about the first Chipotle in NE, the chipotle in union station was the first in NE

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