What’s happening here? 3011 RIA

By Stephanie Liotta Atkinson

The DC property sales tax database says that 3009-3011 Rhode Island Avenue NE (Woodridge) sold in March for $1.1 Mil to 3011 RHODE ISLAND AVE LLC (name not helpful). Looks like the liquor store and the adjacent brownfield. I’m crowd-sourcing the recon on this one – gold star for anyone who figures out what’s happening here.

20 thoughts on “What’s happening here? 3011 RIA

  1. I’m afraid that I don’t know about this property. But I wanted to add 1515 Rhode Island Ave. (right across from Flip It) to the crowd-sourced list. There is a crew working on demolition there now.

    I had heard from a gentleman who said he was the owner that the plan was to take the building up 6 stories and make it into a residential facility for homeless veterans. I’m not sure if that’s actually the case, and I wondered whether anyone else had any info.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Bill, I heard the same thing about 1515 RIA – residential facility for homeless vets. I cannot confirm whether that’s true.

      Also, curiously, 1513 RIA (Good Ole’ Reliable liquors) sold for $1.375M back in December 2011. I talked to the Good Ole guys and found out that the owner of the liquor store bought the property, so the use will remain the same. On the phone they seemed pretty receptive to the idea of expanding their offerings based on community feedback.

  2. Hi Stephanie:

    Thanks for your reply. I also spoke with the owner (new since Dec. owner of the building) of Good Ole’ Reliable too. As I understand it, the intent is to keep the use of the building the same, but add another use to the currently unused upper floor. I believe they are open to any reasonable suggestions for the new use. And by the way, they have accomodated several requests from me for items they do not normally stock – most recently a case of Shiner Beer (from Shiner, TX – it’s good!). They also said they would look into stocking Chocolate City growlers if there was demand.


  3. The guys at Good Ole Reliable are real nice and they are very open to stocking other stuff. In the past few years they stopped stocking so many singles and 40s and started stocking much more selection of beer. Same with some of their liquor and wine selection. I’ll look into the 3011 property because that is just up the street from me.

    1. John & Bill, when Good Ole’ starts carrying Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale, I’ll be a true convert. Until then, hook ’em horns!

      1. im more partial to the IPA, but any store that stocks a type of Lagunitas is a friend in my book!!

    1. Kind of an odd way to market a property (thanks KN)

      — from Loopnet —

      Price: $1,850,000.00 + Inventory
      Gross: $35,000-$40,000/Month
      Hours: 9am-10pm, 6 days a week
      Lottery Income: $65,000-$70,000/ year
      Employees: 6
      Building Size: 2500-3000 SF(+/-)
      Full Basement: 2500 SF(+/-) Using as Stock room and they have elevator
      Land Size: 1 acre (+/-)
      Net Income: $350,000 (+/-)/Year

      If you add check cashing to this business it will be very profitable, If you operate the business your self you can increase the volume of business. The owner has stomach cancer and had an operation and needs to sell business.

      — from Loopnet —

  4. Hey guys. I stopped by the store today and talked one of the employees. He said his cousin purchased the place and it will stay a liquor store. There are apartments above the store that are in need of renovations, and they plan on doing that eventually. So, sorry to report, nothing new is coming there. BUT. The guy I talked to was very nice, so maybe they could evenually be like Good Ole and start stocking some different things.

  5. We are considering moving to the Woodridge area from Logan Circle. We don’t know much about the neighborhood. How is it for young families?

    1. You get a bigger house and a yard for less money. But you’re still in DC. This area to me is a perfect combination of city and suburb. Sort of like Cleveland Park but much less expensive. And it’s on the upswing. Schools… I don’t know too much about. There is a nice park area called Langdon Park, it has playground equipment, a skateboard park and ball fields. Retail options are somewhat limited, but all the basic necessities are here and there is a lot of new retail on the way.

      1. Thanks for the info. I had heard that parents were working to make changes at Burroughs. Do you know what kind of commercial development is on the way? Do any of you commute via public transit into DC? How easy is it?

      2. In the Woodridge Main street area two restaurants are opening up this summer (covered in this blog a while back) – Oliver Friendly’s East & Smile and DC’s Chocolate Bar and Bakery. In addition, the DC Economic Partnership recently hosted a tour down RIA which generated quite a bit of interest from investors and developers (probably will have more to report on that this summer).

        I don’t have kids yet, so I can’t comment on Burroughs (although I do live right near it and assume my kids will go there).

      3. Public transit, I live on 18th. The walk to Brookland metro is about 8 blocks. I do it all the time. Plus the G8 picks up a block from my house and goes straight to metro.

        Retail, the development at Ft Lincoln is underway. It will bring Costco and other stores to the area. Walmart and Lowes is coming to NY Ave. All the new stores at RI Ave metro. The new town center at Brookland metro. Plus new restaurants are opening on 12th st.

    2. I love it. I don’t have any kids yet, but I hope to some day, and I plan on staying here for the foreseeable future. There’s a great community of people here and I just love the suburban-ish feel!

    3. My partner and I moved to adjacent Michigan Park (after 16 years in Adams Morgan) in 2004. We LOVE the neighborhood, and have met many new people moving here from A-M, Dupont, Logan, MtP, and the Hill. Check it out: South Dakota/Michigan/Taylor/Webster/Varnum/18th/19th, etc.

      We found an INCREDIBLE International-style, Mid-Century Modern house commissioned in 1960 that we have completely renovated. The housing stock is quite diverse-from bungalows and Victorians in Brookland and Woodridge-to DC’s ubiquitous brick Colonials and a cluster of 20 or so fabulous Mid-Century Modern homes in Michigan Park that are so avant garde for DC!

      Like Woodridge, Michigan Park is literally 12 minutes to downtown. We are really excited about Abdo’s new mixed-use development, “Monroe St. Market”, that will deliver in 2013 with 83,000 SF of new retail, artists studios, and 700+ units of new residential. RI Avenue is just beginning to change-finally-and I expect that we will see significant changes over the next five years, with better-quality retail along this corridor.

  6. Thanks everybody for the feedback. We’re still in the process of checking out the area and looking for houses. I will check in periodically about the status of economic development projects in the neighborhood. Maybe we’ll be neighbors one day

    1. As for public transit, commuting up Rhode Island Ave is very easy. My wife and I live RI Ave and Monroe, we take the bus (82, 83, 84,86, or T-18) to the Metro every morning. It takes about 10 minutes usually. Woodridge is excellent, and there is an award winning public charter school as well that is K-8 (Friendship). Listen the next couple of Fridays and you’ll hear a segment on Woodridge on WAMU’s Metro Connection program. Happy house hunting!

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