Calling Ward 5 Home

Woodridge makes it in the news again. This time, in the Washington Post. Here are some exciting excerpts:

Just a few doors down from Lace, two eateries are scheduled to open this summer: D.C. Chocolate Bar & Bakery and Oliver Friendly’s Eat & Smile. They are a part of a small but growing group of restaurants that will soon call Ward 5 home. Merchants hope their arrival will further a transformation already under way, and provide the kind of synergy that turns retail deserts into destinations.

The RIA Insider was the first to report on Oliver Friendly’s and DC Chocolate Bar & Bakery. Click here and here to check them out.

To read more of the Post article, click here.

3 thoughts on “Calling Ward 5 Home

  1. Has anyone heard about the status of Menomale on 12th Street? My impression is that it will be more like the popular Bloomingdale Restaurants like Boundary Stone and Rustiks.

    Although the article mentions Colonel Brook’s Tavern, in recent years places like the San Antonio Grille and BCafe along with Yes! Market have added to the renaissance on 12th Street. Also, with good businesses like Casey Trees as community developers and investors, Menomale has a much better chance of surviving. And, this is what RIA needs. Businesses that can attract a number of workers, commuters, and residents to help support the retail by day and night. Far east RIA has no banks nor quality markets. This is what it needs. And places like Lace do a lot of promotional work, I’ve noticed, to keep patrons interested in coming and returning to its location.

    1. Woddie, someone posted on the Brookland listserve that they talked to one of the owners and they’re looking to open Menomale in a few weeks.

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