Ward 5 Heartbeat’s Writes an Update on the Sp. Election

Photos by Sierra Suris

In the latest issue of the Ward 5 Heartbeat (formerly the Brookland Heartbeat) published their views of the Special Election in Ward 5. According to the article, the race has come down to only 3 candidates: McDuffie, Hunter, and Wilds. The article has the listserve community in a buzz with claims that it was slanted against Hunter (although Hunter reportedly refused to answer questions) and that McDuffie and Wilds bought ads for favorable coverage. All of this is passionate views from supporters and opponents.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

Candidates are nearly identical?

In many ways, Mr. Hunter, Mr. McDuffie and Mr. Wilds are more similar than they are different. All three have lived in Ward 5 most of their lives. They all ran and lost in previous primary races against Harry Thomas Jr. In campaign speeches, they stick to familiar themes of jobs, education, economic development, workforce development, ethics, and programs for youth and seniors.

Delano Hunter has money issues?

Since 2010, Mr. Hunter has been sued four times in D.C. Superior Court. Judgments against him were entered in every case. Three of the lawsuits were filed by landlords suing Mr. Hunter for failing to pay his rent. The fourth lawsuit came from Mr. Hunter’s credit card company seeking payment for $3,211 in overdue bills.

Is there more to Mr. Hunter’s relationship to Mr. Shelton?

In January of this year, Mr. Shelton pleaded guilty to federal charges of stealing more than $28,000 from ANC 5B between August 2010 and March 2011. There is no suggestion that Mr. Hunter took part in Mr. Shelton’s theft.

Read the entire article, here.

2 thoughts on “Ward 5 Heartbeat’s Writes an Update on the Sp. Election

    1. I can’t believe that anyone who was there would say that Frank Wilds is one of the top three!? I don’t know who I’m voting for yet, but I really hate it when the media tries to limit my choices.

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