Ready for some Change?

Our local MPD Citizens Advisory Council for Ward 5 is meeting for their annual holiday party on December 15th at 7pm, at the 5th District Police Station (1805 Bladensburg Road NE)!

Why is this meeting and party important? There will be elections held for that Council and any member of the CAC can vote (it costs a small $4 to join, which you can do at the meeting). This Council is the resident’s bridge to the Metropolitan Police Department.

I would encourage any one who can to show up and vote for the following slate of candidates:

Chairperson – Corey Griffin

Vice Chairperson – John Salatti

Recording Secretary – Greg Roberts

Treasurer – Debbie Smith Steiner

Corresponding Secretary – Geovani Bonilla

We hope to see you at this imporant meeting on December 15th!!

For more information on the CAC, click here.


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