***UPDATED*** Something brewing near RIA NE

‘Chocolate City’, couresy of tbridge

UPDATE: It is great to hear that one of the micro-breweries is already looking for rental space along RIA! LowBrau mentioned to DCBeer.com that they are looking! Also, it also appears that two other Ward 5 residents are looking for space in Wards 1 and 2…perhaps they can look to Rhode Island Row or the like!


Local breweries are making their mark in DC, and especially near RIA! This is the type of businesses that the area can support in our industrial areas instead of the stripclubs and marijuania dispensaries (note about the dispensaires, etc: one or two is fine for us…put them in other areas also). DC Brau is located along Bladensburg Road and has held some events around their brew. Another brewer, Chocolate City Beer, boasts four beers and recently had their “Growler Hours” this past weekend.

Unlike DC Brau, Chocolate City Beer does not yet have their tasting license but let’s hope that they get it soon. Perhaps these breweries could look to the cheap rent along RIA for a combination restaurant/tasting rooms! Trust me, DC Brau and CCB, there are plenty of hungry, thirsty residents around here who want a nice establishment like this. Nothing rowdy but a quiet tasting bar and an opportunity to grab a bite to eat as well. What do you say?

Put that idea down for the Task Force and Cheers! to seeing you involved along RIA in the future!

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3 thoughts on “***UPDATED*** Something brewing near RIA NE

  1. Lowbrau mentioned that via twitter, not via an interview or phone call with dcbeer.com. Given this article and the FORIA survey, there’s some demand for a brewpub on RIA. Let’s make it happen!

  2. It’s kind of exciting that Ward 5 is developing a niche for craft breweries (which beats the vacant storefront/strip club/liquor store niche). I wonder if Rhode Island Row would be a good home for a local brewery/restaurant (in the vein of Franklin’s in Hyattsville) that could capitalize on its proximity to the three Ward 5 breweries?

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