Stadium Club is a Gym?

The fact that the Stadium Club was deemed “not a sexually oriented business enterprise” by the Zoning Board is sad and makes me scratch my head. The reasoning that the commissioners gave for their decision makes me want to pound my head against a wall.

Quote of the Decade goes to Commissioner Lloyd Jordan in his defense that Stadium Club is not sexually oriented:

Pole dancing is the new fad for physical exercise.

Yes, I know…Here you go, there is plenty of wall for you to pound your head also. As a DC resident, I am embarrassed by the Zoning Board’ decision and their reasoning for it. Excuse me now…all I feel like I can do is pound a wall with my head.

Read more here from the City Paper. After reading the article, come join me. There is plenty of wall space.

2 thoughts on “Stadium Club is a Gym?

  1. “Pole dancing is the new fad for physical exercise.”

    Perhaps that statement at large is true. The problem is, the “new fad” is for people to pay for themselves to learn to pole dance/exercise. People who pay for others to pole dance in front of them are paying for some other form of entertainment, and that’s not a “fad,” its been around for decades. The next time I pay for someone with dollar bills to “exercise” for me, slap me for being so stupid.

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