“Stripping” City Grant money for personal entertainment and profit

Never is a boring day in Ward 5.

As this blog has reported many times on, the Stadium Club is back in the news. This time, though, it isn’t about “draining of police resources” or trash on the streets or the fact that is next to a neighborhood. This time its about how it came about (here is a primer on the ANC’s view of them when they were first proposed). The Stadium Club, according to WAMU, the money used to build the Stadium Club was actually from a city grant of nearly $330,000 supposed to go to provide job training services for those with HIV/AIDs by redeveloping two warehouses, one with the same exact address as the Stadium Club. The organization that took the grant, Miracle Hands, is headed by Debra Rowe, the city’s former HIV/AIDS Housing Administrator. Rowe was fired by the city back in 2008.

Many residents in the area have argued against the Stadium Club’s relocation to Queen’s Chapel Road NE since there are already several clubs in the Ward, in fact, DC Star is located next door.

3 thoughts on ““Stripping” City Grant money for personal entertainment and profit

  1. Assuming that is true…To steal money that could have gone to people affected by HIV/AIDS is just morally repugnant.

    Why is it that these news items are never followed up with “an investigation is underway,” or something of that nature? It seems that money is abundant for stealing with little consequences in this city. Way to go Ward 5.

  2. It seems that the city has a larger problem – no accounability or tracking of grant funding. In each case of theft, the city has provided the funds, but is the last to discover any malfeasance. We as citizens should request tighter control and auditing of all city funds issued as grants. Furthermore, anyone caught stealing — ANC and Council members included — should receive stiff penalties.

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