Art Enables Calling All Artists

The community-based art gallery, Art Enables, is about to launch their newest venture called “Artists off-Rhode” at their location along Rhode Island Ave NE. This is a great neighbor along the Avenue and I encourage everyone to visit the studio, which is open to the public.

A community show of selected works by artists living and working along the Rhode Island Corridor. Artists off-Rhode will be the first event open to the public at Off-Rhode Studio at Art Enables, a new, inclusive arts space where artists connect with each other and with the community.

Artists off-Rhode will run from July 8 through July 31, 2011 and is open to artists from Bloomingdale, Eckington, Edgewood, Langdon, Brookland, Woodridge, Mr. Rainer, and Brentwood. To be considered, you can submit up to three pieces of art by June 28, 2011. Art can be dropped off at the studio from 9am to 4pm weekdays. All works must be framed or otherwise exhibit-ready, and, can either be for sale or for viewing only. Jury decision will be announced on July 1st. Don’t miss their opening reception on July 8th from 5-7pm.

For more information, call 202.554.9455 or email Art Enables at Visit their website for more information:

3 thoughts on “Art Enables Calling All Artists

  1. Do you know if the entries are limited to people who make their living as artists? What about mediums? I’m not a professional artist, but do some art photography and would be interested in submitting a few shots…

  2. Hi Ms. D- I’m beth and I work for Art Enables. We’re not limiting anything right now. We’re really interested in connecting and bringing in the community, so if your medium is photography, watercolor, stained glass, what have you, we’re interested in seeing it!

    If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at


    1. Art Enables is such a boon to the community. A show like this is the perfect way to begin to get local artists to become aware of one another, to engender a sense of community. And to help form connections with non-artist residents. Bravo! A stroke of brilliance.

      Next, If someone could convince them to offer evening drawing/painting/sculpture/ceramics classes in that gorgeous space….

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