You made a difference on Rhode Island Row

According to this article, YOUR comments mattered. The developers of the Rhode Island Row is claiming to have listened to the community for their desires of what they wanted to see at the new development.

“We asked them to put out a blog about what retail people would like to have and the responses were about quality food, quality shopping opportunities, good services, like dry cleaning, and a white tablecloth restaurant.”

We at Rhode Island Insider are proud to work with all of you to help bring a quality development to the metro station, for our part. Let’s hope that plans work out!

18 thoughts on “You made a difference on Rhode Island Row

  1. any updates regarding the proposed retail tenants at RI Row? any other developments regarding construction, etc?

  2. i just hope the residents who have resided in the area for 30+ years will be able to enjoy (i.e. afford) the new retailers and businesses

  3. That article was weird- it called it Rhode Island Row instead of Station and it said 27,000 square feet of retail instead of 72,000. I just hope they were right that they are looking for the retail as we have suggested!!

  4. When they changed the signage, they changed te name to Rhode Island Row. I suspect it is so it won’t be confusing for people with the metro station. I like Row better than Station anyway.

  5. As of Marchl, the developers Urban Atlantic stated there would be a drug store as the anchor. They have signed up a Cleaners, Mobile phone store, and Pet Store. They want to get an organic market. They didn’t state whether or not it would be a Trader Joes. They will have plenty of outdoor seating for dining. Urban Atlantic is open to getting local businesses. They want people to keep suggesting what type of retail they want.

    On another blog, it stated the RIA Station project will have microbrewies.

      1. Roy,

        Jason Trotman, a realtor with an MBA, has two blogs on this:

        He says stores will open in September! Vicki Davis, the president of Urban Atlantic, never told us that. So, I don’t know where he gets his information.

        Also, Councilmember Thomas will be hosting monthly office hours at various locations in the ward. Please join him this month at MGM Roast Beef, located in the Brentwood community (across the street from the Brentwood Post Office). The councilmember will be there to listen and address any concerns you may have. Details are as follows:

        Who: Ward 5 Councilmember Thomas

        What: Office Hours in the Ward

        When: Friday, May 27, 2011, 11 am to 1 pm

        Where: MGM Roast Beef, 905 Brentwood Road, NE

  6. Awesome, thank you!

    I’m glad Thomas is holding meetings, but I wish meetings were held at hours that most people could attend.

  7. I’m so glad that there is a blog about RI Row or Station as it were. I live in Brentwood and I have been wondering what kind of stores and restaraunts will RH Row have. Although I agree with Kim about the long time residents being able to enjoy the fruits of this labor, I’m hoping that there will be more that will appeal to me. I’ve been a resident of Brentwood for five years and there is nothing in my neighborhood that I like except Home Depot, Tropicana and when I don’t feel like driving too far, the Giant. I understand that most of the retail is catering to the demographics of the neighborhood but all the residents in Brentwood are not low income. I don’t like having to leave the neighborhood for all of my shopping so bring it on – I’m excited about the possiblities!

    Btw: I’m a middle aged AA sistah.

  8. hey pat and all!

    i am a vegan, middle class, and a native washingtonian. i luvvvvv whole foods, trader joe’s, art galleries, and clothing boutiques!! but i have an affinity for and loyalty to seniors.

    my hope is, for example, that the cleaners will offer affordable prices that residents are accustomed to; that the giant will get a sprucing up, so that long-time residents will feel a part of the new change even though they cannot go into the new, clean trader joe’s (or whatever).

    they deserve being able to enjoy this exciting change on an on-going basis.

    something that comes to mind is how people like the sound of “consignment shop” but may shy away from a value village or salvation army.

    it is possible for everyone to be a part of the vision.

  9. Kim-

    Although I’m not vegan (just Monday thru Thursday) I purchase the majority of my food at Whole Foods or the Amish Market. My mom is 74 years old and lives in the Eckington neighborhood in our family home (purchased during WWII) and I think she wouldn’t mind a place like Trader Joe’s coming to the area as long as they keep places like the Giant where she gets her prescriptions filled and has a relationship with the pharmacy staff. She was quite upset when they closed the Safeway grocery store formerly located at 4th & RI.

    I love the idea of a consignment shop! When I lived in MO County, I used to go all the time to sell some of my designer goods that were not getting any use as well as picking up other designer pieces that I would not want to pay retail for. A consignment shop could appeal to all of the residents of Brentwood regardless of income level.

    I hope that’s the plan for everyone to be a part of the vision. Other parts of the city are excluding a lot people (seniors, low income, middle class, African-Americans). Let’s hope Brentwood does not become another Shaw or U Street where only the young, white and wealthy can afford to live there.

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