Ward 5 Wal-Mart Poll **Results

The poll has closed. See the results below:


6 thoughts on “Ward 5 Wal-Mart Poll **Results

  1. i really think this poll is missing some choices, not to mention that you don’t explain what you mean by “urban”? is that a design issue? multi-use? it would help to have some more background.

  2. you need another poll option with something like:

    Store should remain same size, but plans need to be redone for a more urban design with street fronting buildings. (Not a store in the center of a sea of parking)

  3. Thank you dcvoterboy and IMGoph, I will try to incorporate these ideas. Thank you. It might be a bit harder to alter the poll since it is already live. But please make sure to leave your thoughts on the design alterations and hopefully you will attend their meeting on Wednesday and express your thoughts directly to Wal-Mart officials.

    1. well, i have to say that i already attended the meeting that was run by the arboretum neighborhood association, and made my view clear to the walmart people on hand, and nothing in this drawing is any different than what they presented then, so i don’t think that going to this meeting will result in a different outcome.

      they don’t have to address anything, since it’s a matter-of-right site, so i’m not going to hold my breath.

  4. I really don’t mind this layout. Any store at this site has to have parking, since there is really no other way to get there except by car. At least the parking is on two levels, with a garage.

    NY Ave is far from a walkable urban street. I don’t think having a Walmart with doors opening onto NY Ave is going to suddenly turn this into Georgetown. Plus, how would people get to a NY Ave entrance if the parking is around back? You certainly don’t want the parking facing NY Ave. That would be really ugly. I’d rather have the parking around back like it is in the plan. The view from NY Ave will be quite nice, they’re going to landscape it and make the building look nice.

    This is a huge improvement over what’s there, and I personally don’t have a problem with this area being developed into a big box store area of sorts. And I say that as a Ward 5 resident that doesn’t live that far away from this.

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