A word of thanks…

Here are some words from Rhode Island Station developer, Urban Atlantic:

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to provide such thoughtful responses!  This blog post is a great affirmation of the eager market along the Rhode Island Avenue corridor and we are incorporating your ideas into our retail leasing efforts.  We don’t have a large enough footprint for Target (although we would love one!), but we are actively pursuing the majority of concepts that you listed.  Please keep the ideas coming and if you know of an established retailer looking to open a new space, send them our way.  You can contact us through the website (www.rhodeislandstation.com) or by emailing our broker: John@asaretail.com.

And sign the petitions for Taylor Gourmet and Trader Joe’s!  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “A word of thanks…

  1. Although MGM Roast Beef is located right up the street on Brentwood Road, it would be nice to have them relocate to the RIA Metro development. MGM Roast Beef is very successful and well-liked. It would make a great addition to the stores planned for the RIA metro,

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