AJ Wright is Closing…

…but another store is already slated to go into the space. According to this Washington Biz Journal article, TJX, parent company of AJ Wright, is closing all of the AJ Wright stores. They plan to convert many of the stores to another one of their brand stores like TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, or Marshalls.

The AJ Wright at the Home Depot/Giant Shopping center near the Rhode Island Ave Metro station is slated to close this coming January/February and re-brand itself to one of the aforementioned stores. The store will remain closed during this process (approx 8 weeks).

**Thanks to Rhode Island Insider’s reader, Stephanie, for sending the article our way!

11 thoughts on “AJ Wright is Closing…

  1. HOME GOODS, HOME GOODS, HOME GOODS! I LOOOOOOOVE HOME GOODS! Hmmm…having one so close *might* be bad for my checking account, though.

  2. Hey. There is a sign up on bubba muscogees about a new bakery/deli coming soon…I forget the name. Any details? Oh how I would love a good deli in the hood.

    1. The new eatery is called Flip It 2. There’s already one in the Hood at Eastern & Michigan Avenues between the Panam Grocery and the Dollar Tree. I went there recently. The interior is nice but I wasn’t thrilled with the menu. They offer American breakfast food all day long and a number of Latino food items like quesadillas. When I saw the pancakes someone had ordered I immediately thought to myself it was time to go. Instead of ordering, I left and got something from the Yes Market on 12th. If Brookland Cafe were opened at that time I would have eaten there.

      1. I recently tried the New Taste Restaurant and Lounge on Hamlin Street and RIA where the former Saints Bourbon place used to be. It serves African, Caribbean, and American food. The interior is nicely decorated and far different from anything I’ve seen at an African or even an Ethiopian restaurant. The closest African restaurant is called the Zion Kitchen at the insection of 18th Street and Montana Avenue, just before you get to New York Avenue. Taste is a vast improvement over that. The food at Taste was good. The prices at Taste are expensive. They want to be considered an upscale African restaurant. The lunch menu is less expensive, but still pricey. Everyone who reads this blog should at least give Taste a try.

  3. What is Home Goods? What do they have? I would love a Marshall’s, my god, I could stop going to Hyattsville! Well, except I would still need to go for Shagga’s Ethiopian cuisine, since we have no good Indian, Italian or Ethiopian restaurants here in Ward 5. And it will likely be Hyattsville, not Ward 5, that will get a real Art Supply Store first, and a true Garden Center. sigh…. But if the Ward 5 folks are listening, and serious about making part of RIavenue into an Arts District, man do we need a supply store. A Utrecht would be nice…it would really attract artists to the area to have not only classes in Mt. Rainier, but cheaper housing plus Art supplies plus coffee shops over here.

    A new Deli though, at Bubba Muscogee’s? That would be a relief–we need about 12 real restaurants and some antique/boutique stores on RI Avenue down here on the DC side. RI Avenue up by 18th could become a cute, sweet little local hotspot; the storefronts are there already, they just need to house better businesses, and please, no more churches!

    Sandals on 20th

    1. Home Goods is like Filene’s Basement for your house! While it’s run by TJ Maxx, it’s got really nice stuff in general. I have a lot of stuff from Crate & Barrel from Home Goods, and lots of other stuff carried in stores like Macy’s. Plus they have lots of cool, eclectic, faux-antique stuff, which will be very popular amongst a young, professional crowd (like those moving into the new apartments at the Metro).

  4. The new “deli” to replace Bubba Musgokee is called Flip it 2. They are already located in the shopping center at Eastern Avenue and Michigan Avenue where you can find the Panam Grocery store and the Dollar Tree store. I recently tried this location and the interior is very nice and clean. The menu on the wall which is hand-printed is old and does not reflect the current pricing. The take out menu brochure is nicely done. They provide American food and Latin food and serve breakfast all day. As I was deciding what to order, I saw the serving size for some pancakes someone ordered and didn’t feel the prices were adequate for what one is charged. So, I left and went to the Yes Market on 12th. I would have gone to the Brookland Cafe but they weren’t opened.

    I’ve tried Shagga in Hyasttsville. I did not find the quality of their food as good as other Ethiopian Restaurants I’ve visited in DC and Virginia. I really like the way the corridor is shaping up and all the new stores that will be opening in April. I highly recommend Under The Coconut Tree. I’m not a fan of Carribean food, but theirs is really tasty. Also, the store’s interior is very nicely decorated and fits in well with the new Bus Boy & Poets coming in April. Also, I got really great service and got to chat directly with the owner. Shagga’s service was too slow for me.

  5. Good. While I’ve bought a few things there, AJ Wright is definitely my least favorite TJX brand. I agree with the others, Homegoods would be nice. Or a TJ Maxx.

  6. A cashier at AJ Wright told us the other day that the store will be converted to a TJ Maxx. While I’m not sure that this is reliable information, I can’t say I think that is the best idea or the best thing for our community. We already have Foreman Mills and a Marshall’s coming at S. Dakota, so I’m not sure our community is not already served by that type of retail to the point of almost over-saturation. I really don’t want to continue to live in the community where my friends who live elsewhere in the city come to shop for cheap socks (yes, I have run into friends under these circumstances), but hopefully it will still be an improvement.

    SAD TOO SEE THEM GO!!!!!!!!

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