Rhode Island Station ***UPDATE

After speaking with the developers of the Rhode Island Station today, they have indicated that the retailers listed in the leasing materials are not confirmed tenants for the development. The retailers that they have listed in the leasing materials are the type of retailers that they want in the development.

The developer did confirm that they are trying to locate a drug store to take the larger footprint and to fill at least 50% of the pads as cafes/restaurants. Usually when developers release leasing materials with retailers listed in them, those retailers are confirmed tenants. The developer apologized about the confusion and is updating their website to clarify their tenants.

8 thoughts on “Rhode Island Station ***UPDATE

  1. So… now can we all agree that we should find a way to work together to bring great tenants to this development? This was my main point in highlighting that none of those tenants were coming. I enjoy the blog and the good work you do writing it. In your conversations with the developer, I’d love to know if there is a way we can work to get better retailers than Radio Shack or DTLR – or better food than a Popeye’s or Subway – than we currently have in the neighborhood.

  2. I don’t think it’s far-fetched to think that we could get Starbucks or CVS in this development. I think we could expect to get some restaurants on par with what has gone into the City Vista project or on H Street as well.

    Also, I hope they will start beautifying RIA from 4th Street to at least the Bank of America so that people aren’t turned off as soon as they enter the area.

  3. Thanks for contacting the developers about the retailers. This has helped to clear up any misconceptions about this project.

    How do you want to see RIA from 4th Street to at least the Bank of America beautified? If we can get specific and let the city know what we want, maybe we can get it. Do you feel the RIA Great Streets Small Area plan specifies this beautification? If not, what can be done? The new RIA Metro development has a least promised to keep the very large streets trees along the RIA street corrider at the Metro. These trees are already protected by the rubberized sidewalk so that the roots can expand. Has anyone checked whether the “root protection zone” is being enforced as they excavate the hill where they recently removed the last vestige of mature trees?

    I was hoping that since the RIA metro development is an upscale establishment, it would at least include a dog run or dog park. I know of apartment complexes in Alexandria, VA and Silver Spring, MD that include dog runs. There’s been some interest on the Edgewood/Brookland Yahoo Group for a dog park in that area. Being so close to the Metropolitan Branch trail, you would think a dog park would be established in that area. The Met Branch Trail requires that you keep your dog leashed. The RIA Metro development will include a swimming pool so people can exercise, why not a dog run, so dogs can exercise? And, more shade providing trees down the corridor would be appreciated.

  4. There is a new dog park in Langdon park in the final planning stages now. Its about a mile away from Rhode Island Station, but very close to Brookland.

  5. There’s a swimming pool at Langdon Park. A swimming pool is being built at the Rhode Island Metro development. There’s a library behind Langdon Park. Residents close to the RIA metro want to see a library at the RIA metro. Residents of Brookland want to have a library at the Brook’s Mansion. There’s also a Skateboard Park at Langdon, but I see kids in the Brentwood area not using it. Instead they are dangerously using the streets.

    The Langdon Dog Park is not meant to be the sole dog park in Ward 5. The expectation among dog owners in Ward 5 (and elsewhere) is that more dog parks will be coming. The big issue is who’s going to pay for them and maintain them. To increase the number of dog parks, it’s time for the developers to do their part. New developments like the Rhode Island Avenue Metro, Brookland Square, CUA/ABDO, ABDO/Arboretum, EYA, South Dakota Crossing, Ft. Totten Square, the Metropolitan Branch Trail, and even the new artists living space at Dance Place could provide dog runs and dog parks. It’s time people spoke up. Having to get into your car (you can’t bring your dog on the bus or streetcar from the RIA metro stop) to go to the Langdon Dog Park defeats the purpose of Transit Oriented Development. (The distance for those who live near the Brookland Metro who want to use the Langdon Dog Park is nearly 1.5 miles.) Community dog runs and dog parks are smart growth and smart sense.

  6. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question, but does anyone know what is happening with the building across from Bubba Muskogee’s in the 1500 block of RI Ave. NE. Looks like some work is going on, and it a nice looking old building. I hope for something good in there.

  7. as a native washingtonian, black neighborhoods have long
    been inundated with fast/unhealthy food restaurants. i very much
    welcome something better than popeyes and subway, but it is vital
    that old neighborhood income levels are especially considered when
    selecting the restaurants. don’t have much use for radio shack,
    though my husband buys cables and special batteries from there
    occasionally. as for dtlr, i remember when the business was an
    upstart, following the “madness” store. proud dc, entrepreneurs.

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