Rhode Island Metro Redevelopment Part 2

It seems like the plans for the Rhode Island Ave metro redevelopment is underway. Starting April 30th, the parking lot at the station will be closed so that they can begin construction. Check out the article HERE!

Also, for a reminder, here is what they are planning for that area:

Financed by a mix of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development multifamily financing and U.S. Department of the Treasury New Markets Tax Credits, the project will deliver 274 residential units and 70,000 square feet of retail space.

As part of the $90 million development, the 8.5-acre parking lot will also host a multi-level parking garage.

7 thoughts on “Rhode Island Metro Redevelopment Part 2

  1. Anyone know the number of the parking lot across the street, in the former safeway lot – I can’t find it – thanks

  2. This is coming together really quick. 2012 will be here before we know it. Having all those new apartments there will really change the area. Plus, with pedestrian access to the Safeway shopping center from the metro, can we hope for redevelopment there soon?

  3. I hope that the Safeway shopping center follows soon. The Rhode Island Plan showed dividing up that shopping center with road extensions and creating an environment for walking as well as more street front areas for the retail. I think it would be great for that to happen sooner rather than later.

  4. It took 2 years just to finally see these apartments with appropriate parking constructed due to funding issues. This projects was originally supposed to be Condos with a roof-top swimming pool. I think the plan is to still have a community center in the project, which will be nice.

  5. Any specifics on the RI ave metro project. I see the fences are up but I want to know what shops will join Giant and HD. Also, how big will it be. It looks like they will do work all the way to the backside where the Post Office building buttresses Giant and the RI metro exit ramp. If someone knows, please share, but all in all this is great news. Now we need to start some type of community outreach group for the kids. (i’m serious!)

  6. As you exit from the Metro, there is a big poster with a drawing of the new complex. There is also contact information so you can get all the details. Both the parking lot and area where they removed a large number of mature trees near the Post Office are now being excavated. They are also hiring staff for the project. You can also contact the ANC5B commissioners. Included in the plans is a community center that will be helpful for the everyone not just kids and seniors.

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