Money gets the ball rolling

A $7.2 million PILOT note that the District is providing will enable the $108 million Rhode Island Station project at the Rhode Island Avenue/Brentwood Metro station to move forward, reported. Urban Atlantic and A&R Development Corp. are the developers for the project, which also includes a community center, two private parking garages and a 215-car Metro garage. Besides the $7.2 million PILOT note, additional financing will come from federal New Market Tax Credits and a loan backed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

2 thoughts on “Money gets the ball rolling

  1. I think you need to make a distinction in your writing. A nightclub (usually a bar with dancing) does not equal a strip club (a bar where paid dancers take their clothes off). I have no problem with a nightclub opening on RI Ave as long as there is parking available. In fact there are a couple already that have had no problems that you probably have no idea are there. I strip club is something different entirely. Although, I do not think RI Ave is an appropriate place for a strip club, I do think that there are some locations in Ward 5 where it is zoned primarily industrial that would be just fine for a strip club. You can’t just lump everything together.

    1. Andi,

      First of all, please reply to a topic under the correct heading.

      Second of all, I think the distinction was made between a strip club and a nightclub in the post. There are clubs all over the city that have had no problems. However, there are a LOT of them that have had serious issues. I could list them all on here if you’d like, but that would take up a lot of my time and space on the blog. If you’d like to provide your home address, I could direct some of these club owners to your area so that they could open their establishments around you.

      Ward 5 has become the dumping ground for things no other ward wants, including clubs. They are a nuisance.

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