RIA Draft Plan *Early Release*

Here is an advance copy of the Rhode Island Ave NE redevelopment plan. I have not read through it in its entirety, but once I do, I look forward to sharing some details and analysis.

In the meantime, enjoy.

DRAFT RI Ave Plan – Jan 27 2010-AltC2_CLR-Release-opt

One thought on “RIA Draft Plan *Early Release*

  1. This plan is a 40 page document. Pages 28 and 29 detail the major source of funding for RIA Great Streets called TIF, Tax Increment Financing. It doesn’t indicated the $15 million mentioned in another post on this blog, but gives other figures (in the millions) and projections.

    I saw no mention about the “greening of RIA”, including trees and additional greenspace, only the mention of public art. The plan omitted an important and necessary component for transportation–the new RIA streetcar line. It’s certain that the street car will come within the 20 year period for the plan to be executed. I’ve attended the most recent meeting on the RIA streetcar. No Great Street planners were present.

    One site in this plan seeks to “prohibit licenses issued to storefront churches, check cashing services, and other similarly redundant uses which tend not to enliven the streetscape here especially and throughout the entire corridor.” It should also seek to limit vacant property along the corridor. If a property owner can’t find a leasee, the property owner really shouldn’t be holding the property. For many vacancies along the corridor I see commercial property that has been vacant for 3 or more years, not generating the revenue and taxes need to fund TIF.

    BTW, I received this same draft document yesterday directly from Derrick Woody by email. (Those who have been attending the RIA Great Streets meetings and provided their email should have this same PDF, too.)

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