Is our ANC really on our side?

Since I moved to Ward 5, I have always wondered where the ANC for this area is. I had not heard from my ANC Commissioner about meetings, what is going on, etc etc, until I called her out on this blog. Then Rayseen Woodland responded to the blog posting attempting to defend her absence by claiming she never really disappeared. She was quickly refuted by several residents. Now, as one of the biggest things to happen to this area, the redevelopment of Rhode Island Ave NE, several of the ANC Commissioners have not actively participated in moving it along.

According to Councilmember Thomas’ office, the ANC as a whole said they support the redevelopment but after expressing a need for written support from each ANC member, the Councilmember’s office has only received 5 letters (with one being signed this Wednesday). From Derrick Woody, Office of the Deputy Mayor:

At present, the ANCs have indicated a willingness to advance the plan to Council, but the majority have not provided written support to CM Thomas’ office.

At present, the office of Councilmember Harry Thomas, Jr. has NOT received written support to help with approving funding for Rhode Island Ave NE redevelopment from:

ANC 5A Chair Angel Alston
5C Chair Anita Bonds
5B04 Rayseen Woodland
5B10 Phil Blair

Again, this goes to show that our ANC is constantly denying their responsibilities and taking their roles seriously.

7 thoughts on “Is our ANC really on our side?

  1. Doesn’t seem to me that she does much of anything. Me thinks it’s time to get some fresh blood in there, someone that can effect some real change.

  2. I doubt Phil Blair supports it, so don’t expect a letter. And I agree that the ANCs in this town are worthless. It’s just a forum for the political wannabes to squabble and power trip. They should be removed. Any time I’ve had a problem and gone to the ANC, NOTHING has happened. It isn’t until I then directly contact Councilman Thomas’ office or the relevant city agency directly that anything happens.

  3. I have attended several ANC meetings and am very disappointed. There seems to be a do nothing attitude. Except to dicuss their cell phone bill and a party. New ideas and concerns were actively discouraged.


  4. It is the responsibilities of each citizen to contact the Board of Elections for information on who the elected officials are that represent you.

    ANC’s can’t be everywhere at once. If you contact Harry Thomas’s office and they do not share the issue with the ANC’s, how will they know the problems exist?

  5. Woodland:

    First of all, let me start by saying that your post is totally off topic. The original post deals with the fact that you have not written the necessary letter of support for the approval of funding for Rhode Island Avenue NE redevelopment. This has nothing to do with people finding out about you through board of elections, nor does it have anything to do with contacting you via Harry Thomas’ office to tell you of the problems of the community. This has to do with you not doing your job in an effective manner.

    But to answer your off-topic post, it is the most asinine thing I have heard all day. As an elected ANC official, you do bear some responsibility to keep up with the goings on of the community you serve. I know who a lot of the other ANC’s in the area are because they write comments on the various listservs/blogs in the community. The only time you ever write on this blog is to complain about others not taking you seriously. Perhaps if you were to write to inform us of some of the good works that you are helping to usher into the community, we wouldn’t view you as being a poor fit for office in our community.

    Additionally, when we were talking about the Lodge this summer, area residents did go to Harry Thomas and other city officials and you got your panties all in a wad that nobody came to you (Rayseen Woodland, ANC5B04 September 15, 2009 at 12:01 am: The approach that has taken place can be viewed as disrespect to me as the commissioner. Before the Mayor and other District Government agencies are involved, I should have been informed.) Perhaps nobody contacted you because they see you as an ineffective leader…or perhaps the other people informed were easier to contact, as they make their presence known in the community.

    Being a good leader means being proactive and finding out about some of these problems yourself. It can’t be everybody’s fault but your own that you are uninformed.

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