New Rules

As most of us know who were around this past summer, the King Solomon’s Temple at the corner of Rhode new_rules_021508Island Ave NE and Thayer Street (next to the Family Dollar) was renting out their public hall to a night club promoter. According to residents in the area, this promoter was selling alcohol and having parties until all hours of the night on the weekends, and the result were kids getting shot, patrons urinating on neighbor’s yards, loud music, loud patrons walking through neighborhoods, etc, etc, etc. It became so contentious, the Mayor, Police Chief, and DCRA Chief held a press conference to revoke/suspend the public hall license for the Temple. As well, the alcohol license was revoked for the establishment as well.

Now, it seems that the DCRA is finally trying to get ahead of the ball in regards to how organizations apply, obtain, retain, and lose their Public Hall licenses.

1600.1 No person shall operate a public hall without obtaining from the Director of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (“Director”) a basic business license with an Entertainment (Public Hall) endorsement unless:
(a) The establishment has a capacity of four hundred (400) or fewer occupants; and
(b) Has a class C or D license issued pursuant to the District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, D.C. Official Code §§ 25-101 et seq.
1600.2 For purposes of this chapter, a “public hall” means any building in which a ball, dance, exhibition, lecture, concert, or convention is conducted for profit or gain.
1600.3 Any license issued under this chapter shall be renewed every two (2) years and shall be subject to the restrictions on the presence of minors at the licensee’s premises in accordance with D.C. Official Code § 47-2820(c).

I am interested in the exception portion at the end of the proposed new regulation but as long as we stay vigilant, we can ensure that places like King Solomon’s Temple NEVER gets its public hall license again.

1607.1 A licensed applicant who holds a valid class C or D license issued pursuant to the District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, D.C. Official Code § 25-101 et seq., shall be exempt from the notice and hearing provisions of this chapter.

See attached for the full report. DCRAPublicHallRulemaking

15 thoughts on “New Rules

  1. Regards to MWKSGL at 2245 Rhode Island Ave NE. Once again this Grand Lodge is in operation as of today the Hall was rented out to Damien Ministries for the amount of $1000.00 given to the Honorable Robert J. Newby. He entailed agreed to this rental turning in $700.00 in which $300.00 is missing. He also stated $700.00 could feed at least 200 people. If this is not a direct violation of DCRA laws than what is. Not only that but this Grand Body has now ties to Damien Ministries whatsoever Imagine that. This building should be closed immediately at once. Now figure this a member(Guy Mitchell) of this Grand Lodge walk in the building and stayed in the Board of Directors meeting while infected with Swine Flu and membership and community was not notified the Health Department was never notified either. It was brought to light that Bro. Rogers, Griffin, and Franklin where Expelled for uncovering the Bogus Fraudulent Proceedings of this membership
    They have no public hall license, no catering license, and basically no occupy license. This organization is a eyesore and the Leaders of the Grand Lodge are Corrupt.

  2. – final Warning – Please be advised that the above mentioned statements hold no merit and if posting continues. Please look forward to an attorney follow-up. I suggest if your going to post information on someone or something,make sure you have the facts!

    1. Tim, please point out the inaccuracies. I will prove each statement true that you claim are not. My information comes from police reports, City Officials, local residents, and media reports.

      Please, point out the inaccuracies.

    2. By the way, if your comment (or your so called “final warning”) is based on the the anonymous comment on this posting, then your fight is elsewhere. What I post, I back up. What others post on the blog, I have no control. It is an open forum.

    1. Ok: (1) promoter- see the YouTube video and flyer on my blog that shows the Hall being promoted as the “G” Spot. (2) DC Gov’t officials found alcohol being sold on premise, and therefore, the ABC License was revoked (per Councilmember Thomas’ office), (3) after fights broke out during last summer at the party, a kid was shot in the leg, there was an assault in the adjoining neighborhood, (4) residents informed me they chased off patrons urinating in their yards next to the Hall, and (5) loud music was also a constant complaint by residents into the 911 call center.

      Need anything else?

  3. Just trying to get an understanding ….. I see there was some allegations made of some of the members …. please inform me of what supporting facts do you have? … and where is your information coming from ?Did you ever consider it could be hearsay?

    1. Well, Tim, unless the Anon poster responds to you, I am not sure how you would get the answers. It was not my post therefore I cannot speak to the information contained in it. If you have a point to refute on it, post it. The only rules for me rejecting a comment, is the use of profanity and direct threats of a serious nature.

    1. I have emailed the Anon poster to ask him/her to back up their claims.

      Also, Tim, what is your relation to the King Solomon’s lodge? Let’s put the cards on the table, and your claim that the post is a direct threat is ridiculous. Please let’s keep this at a certain intelligence level. There is no claim of a direct threat of physical harm to you or anyone else in the post.

  4. I am The Chairman of the Board, I know Bro. Guy Mitchell, and interact with him almost everyday. At no time has he been sick with the swine flu. I preside over every board meeting, therefore I need to know when and where was this meeting.

    1. Mr. Mends-Cole, glad that you finally posted a comment on this blog. You seem to have missed all other postings about the issues with the Temple/Hall and the issues with the community. What have you done lately to work with the local residents in the area that were affected by your Hall’s unruly patrons and conduct over the past year (for more than the past year, according to most residents in the area).

      As to your questions, you can only hope that the Anon poster responds.

  5. Upon receiving the facts from your ghost writer … I’ll be sure to answer your query!

    Awaiting His/Her response.

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