RIA Street Car?

Thanks to Eyder for sending this over to me!!

DDOT has apparently released their plans for a DC Streetcar program, and there is a line that will run along Rhode Island Ave NE. It seems that there have already been concept plans laid out in public meetings within the city, as noted by GGW’s blog. Below is a map of the lines, including a line that will go to CUA. They are already laying the lines along the H Street Corridor and expect to have them completed by 2012.

What are your thoughts on this new streetcar line?


4 thoughts on “RIA Street Car?

  1. I’m a huge fan of the streetcar concept, but unless some dramatic change recently occurred, the concepts for RIA and service to CUA are for rapid bus service, not streetcars. The proposals are for additional limited stop buses to run the current H5 route and the addition of a G9 route to create a unified line up RIA served by the G8 and 80s buses.

  2. I am extremely excited by this revised plan. According to the GGW blog:

    “This map differs from the 2005 Alternatives Analysis in a few interesting ways. Several lines relegated to “BRT” or “rapid bus” in 2005, including the 18th-U-Florida line, the Columbia-Irving-Michigan line, the Rhode Island Ave line, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Ave line are back to streetcar.”

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