Now on to other topics…

In an effort to move the conversation from the Mayor’s press conference on Rhode Island Ave NE this week and on to how we can focus on making the Avenue great, I have decided to archive previous posts that referred to the King Solomon’s Lodge (except regarding what happened at the press conference today). If you would like me to email you the posts, feel free to email me.

I am looking for any and all information about what is going on with Rhode Island Ave NE. This can be something that is for sale, a store opening or closing, rumors about businesses, issues with current businesses……ANYTHING.

I am attempting to get more information from the City on the Great Streets initiative, and when I do, I will report it here.

Thank you to everyone for providing me with so much information to post on here concerning the most recent issues. Although, nearly 99% of the content on this site is attributable to others who email me or calls me, many people assume it is my own. So let’s get going on Rhode Island Ave NE…..

2 thoughts on “Now on to other topics…

  1. I have decided to repost the King Solomon’s Lodge postings at the requests of several people who believe that this public record will be able to a point for people who want to respond to any future applications for a public hall license from the Lodge.

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