All Is Quiet On the King Solomon front…oops, wait!

As many of you have been following, we have had some disruptive party goers infiltrating our neighborhoods to go to King Solomon’s Temple at Rhode Island Ave and Thayer St NE. Luckily, several residents of the Woodridge community have taken it upon themselves, along with the help of MPD, to bring a remedy to this situation. Many of the comments from DC government have been such that show things moving ahead.

In regards to their public hall and liquor license, Councilman Harry Thomas declared:

i have taken action in regards to this and seeking immediate revocation.

And another email from a resident who met with the ABRA Director stated:

ABRA would no longer be giving Alcohol licenses to the 2245 Rhode Island location

In addition to all of this, according to this email, the DCRA as well declared that they are investigating an employee who was illegally issuing month-to-month license to this establishment.

So everything taken care of?

NO. According to the fine officers of the MPD, last night (August 29) the King Solomon’s Temple was again hosting a party where they claimed that an ABRA-issued license was only needed if they were selling alcohol. Luckily for us, having no license means you cannot even consume it. So they were shut down, according to the police, before they even started. A report has also been filed to record this infraction.

It appears that the members of the King Solomon’s Temple learned their lesson of hosting underage teens on Friday nights (for now), but they have subsequently moved to Saturday nights and hosting parties for older crowds ….which, they will soon learn, will not be tolerated either.

Oh, and if you are a member of the King Solomon’s Temple (which is not affiliated with the Order of the Eastern Star, which they claim on their building…I have personally spoken with the grand chapter of the Order to confirm this), several reporters have been attempting to reach out to you. Please make yourself available…they are curious on what you could possible mount as a defense to your inexcusable actions.

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