Last Straw Part 2

The wheels have been turning since my last post about the parties at King Solomon’s Temple. The police have been actively pursuing the DCRA over how the Temple obtained their Public Hall license in the first place. Councilmember Thomas has been actively pursuing the DCRA Director, Linda Argo, on how they obtained their license as well. Linda’s response to Councilmember Thomas in a recent email is this:

We have launched an investigation of the activity at the lodge. We’re also working with the Attorney General to determine what enforcement action we can take and how quickly we can take it.

So, what else? Oh, the residents, calling themselves Concerned Residents of Woodridge have launched a neighborhood-wide petition against the King Solomon’s Temple. Also, since the incidents this past Friday, there have been some interests from major media outlets into how the neighborhood is being impacted and how the City is responding. In fact, Washington Post reporter, Martin Ricard, and ABC-7 reporter, Jennifer Donelan, have made inquiries to this blog about the incidents and I have forwarded them to the Concerned Residents of Woodridge.

Even today, the Citizens group, the Police, the Councilmember’s office, and others are still interested in this Public Hall license and how it was obtained.

With all of this, I was told by a resident near the King Solomon Temple, that the Temple is already advertising for another party this Friday. Really? Well, let’s hope not.

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