New Blog to Watch RI NE

Welcome to Rhode Island NE blog. With redevelopment happening so quickly all around us, we need to stay vigilant in maintaining a constant flow of information to the public. Enter this blog.

This blog will try to stay up to date with everything that is going on with redevelopment. I will try to get information on redevelopment from all sources I have access to, but need your help to get information that you find out as well. I will strive to get this information out to everyone on a timely basis, so please all rumors are welcome.

Let’s start a dialogue.

10 thoughts on “New Blog to Watch RI NE

  1. Glad to see a blog on this. Can’t wait to hear about the new development.

    BTW — would love to know more about the blogger. Are you a resident, business owner, business interest?


    1. I am a local resident in the Woodridge community. My concern is that I have seen developers, even municipalities, across the country push their agenda through on redevelopment without ensuring open and consistent dialogue with the residents it will affect. I am not saying that it is happening here, but this will just add a layer of transparency. I hope that you will help make this blog informative with me.

      1. To be very fair, I don’t think stating your residency is transparent enough, particularly while you are requesting transparency of others. I understand any concerns you may have about safety and privacy; such is the nature of conducting business/politics/socializing on the Internet.

        At the same time, reputable and resilient blogs and bloggers are up-front not just about what their purpose is, but also about who they are. You’ve stated your purpose, and I thank you for that. But you haven’t actually told us who you are, which casts uncertainty on the blog in its totality.

        Bill… local resident, no business interest other than those I patronize

      2. Hi Bill, thanks for the post and the inquiry. Yes, I believe that the paranoid side of me keeps me from posting my exact biographical information for the world. But if it would satisfy your curiosity: My name is Greg, I moved into the Woodridge neighborhood a little over a year ago because I was encouraged by the potential of the neighborhood and the calm and quiet nature of it. I am a political consultant by profession and my only intent for this blog is to get more residents engaged in conversation and what is going on.

        We need to bring transparency to the community about what exactly wants to come to Rhode Island Avenue. Just hearing about development is not good enough and very vague. Knowing exactly what that type of redevelopment is, is more important.

        Thanks for the interest. If you would like to know more, please email me directly. What neighborhood do you live in? Or are you just interested in Rhode Island Ave development?

      3. Greg, thanks for starting the blog and introducing yourself — and, yes, taking the chance to expose yourself to neighbors, politicians, and developers alike! I hope to find good information and good discourse here; I often find it quite lacking on area listservs that purpose to promote dialog, but instead result in diatribe.

        I’ve lived in Edgewood for nearly three years now. Professionally, I’ve no direct interest in development — I’m in communications/marketing. I do have great personal interest in social issues, environment, and quality of life — all of which are rather connected to development.

        I have been disappointed (but not surprised) that community and commercial development have been slow, although I have seen incremental improvements. For example, I’ve mixed feelings about the closing of NWL. For all its faults, it did provide a unique service to the community.

        I’m very interested in the “Think” project, but haven’t had an opportunity yet to participate in community discussions beyond the initial web-based survey (the data of which must surely be compromised since they issued the same survey twice to the same population).

  2. I am also interested to get a better understanding of what sort of development (or lack of) is taking place in our community (I have lived at Franklin and Rhode Island for the past 5 years) so I thank you for starting up this blog.

    Did you or anyone else who is reading attend the last THINK Rhode Island Avenue Strategic Development Plan meeting two weeks ago? If so, is there a summary available of what was discussed? i wanted to go, but had a work commitment which conflicted with it.



    1. George, there is a link to the THINK RIA handout given in the March 10th meeting on this page. At the top right where you see the THINK Rhode Island Avenue icon, click it to be redirected to the DC gov planning page with this handout.

  3. Any ideas on whatever happened to the development of the warehouse behind the Great Mount Cavlvary School that you guys first posted here?

    there havent been any followups to this yet.

    Also what about the development of the fenced in triangle lot behind the McDonalds and BP gas station (also in front of the Forman Mills parking lot)? I for one think this is our biggest eyesore and not because i walk past it every day. I think its a decently sized unutilized prime lot.

    BTW im Mark and I’ve been living at 4th and RI Ave for almost 2 years now.

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