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Brentwood Shopping Center For Sale

The shopping center with TJ Maxx and several other stores are up for sale but not the Giant and Home Depot, which are owned privately. The Washington Business journal is reporting the space as a great opportunity to develop this area for mixed use (see WBJ article here)

The Brentwood Shopping Center, developed by the same developer proposing the Walmart on New York Ave, is an example of poor design. The design of the shopping center failed in areas of access and using the propoerty to its full, mixed use ability especially being so close to a metro stop.  Hopefully a new owner can take a clue from the new Metro station development next door and build a mixed use development that doesn’t leave a sea of parking in the middle of the shopping center. What are your thoughts?


Rhode Island Station

At long last, the redevelopment at the Rhode Island Metro station is finally underway, evidenced by all of the fences, signs, and media around the redevelopment. We now also have a website to track its progress.

According to the developer’s website, the Rhode Island Station will have nearly 300 apartments, sidewalk cafes, funky bars, and tons of retail opportunities. The largest retail pad according to their plans for the ground level retail is 14,700 sqft. So, what stores are coming? Well, according to their leasing documents, there is a Starbucks, CVS, FedEx Express, BCBG, Pizza Pizza, Blockbuster Total Access, and a wine store. There are all types of smaller pads that could accomodate coffee shops, dry cleaners, etc. The total square footage for retail pads is 70,000 sqft. Also part of this center will be a new DMV, which is expected to draw nearly 600 visitors daily.

Other good news about this area. The Giant Food Stores is already considering expanding, the AJ Wright is the top one in the nation, and the Home Depot is among the top 3. Pretty exciting if you think about the potential for this area!

The residential pads will total 274 upscale luxury apartments. The 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments will be in two separate buildings with private parking and a rooftop terrace.

It is encouraging for all of us along RIA that this is becoming a reality. Hopefully, we will move forward with the entire Avenue and get our area on the map.

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